Timing Belt, Belts and Hoses

Most people opt not to replace their vehicle’s various belts and hoses until they fail. Unfortunately, that means you could be driving in the middle of nowhere when an old, faulty belt ultimately snaps or a hose bursts, rendering your car useless. That’s why it is important to have an expert perform regular inspection of your vehicle’s belts and hoses. Haglin Automotive will always take a look under your hood for signs of belt/hose wear and tear, and should any need replacing, we will make the appropriate recommendations. Timing belts typically last from 60,000 to 105,000 miles depending on the engine. Other belts, such as V-belts and serpentine belts, require more frequent replacement. Haglin Automotive can perform the necessary maintenance, whether recommending replacement or making appropriate adjustments to alignment and tension of belts.

Rubber hoses, such as coolant hoses, fuel hoses, emission hoses, and vacuum hoses can deteriorate over time and can ultimately crack or split, allowing fluid or air to leak. Not only is the leaking fluid a hazard, but it also means vital mechanisms in your engine are not getting the proper fluid or air they need. Like belts, all of your vehicle’s hoses eventually need replacement. Coolant hoses, for instance, typically require replacement every four or five years. Haglin Automotive will closely inspect all hoses and their clamps and will educate you on any necessary replacement. Call us today to check out your car if you suspect a problem with belts and/or hoses, or to schedule routine maintenance.

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