CU Parents

CU Parents | Haglin Automotive

If you are a parent of a CU student, we know what you are going through. Our son graduated from CU in 2008, while our daughter chose to go out of state to NAU (Northern Arizona University) and graduated in 2008 as well. When we dropped Krystine off at school, I checked out several auto repair facilities so if she had car problems, I at least had an idea that they were reputable and could take care of her car. As parents, we know how inconvenient it is for your child when their car breaks down in a new place and they don’t know who to trust.

We treat your children like our own, making sure they are safe while they are away from home. We can encourage them to study during finals and let them nap when they get done with a grueling exam. We value your trust and we promise to take care of your students and their vehicles.

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