Why Is My Brake Pedal Spongy?

Your vehicle's brakes are a critical component of your car that controls your speed and enables you to stop. You simply cannot drive a car without working brake parts, including the brake pedal itself. A sponge-like or unusual feeling with your brake pedal can be a major sign of a brake problem. If the pedal feels spongy, mushy, or squishy, please take your car to the brake experts at Haglin Automotive immediately.


Reasons Why Brake Pedals Feel Spongy

Damaged or Leaky Brake Lines

Brakes lines can get rusted over time due to the absorption of moisture. The rust can then cause punctures in the brake lines, which then causes brake fluid to seep out. The loss of brake fluid contributes to the mushy brakes.

Old or Low Brake Fluid

Your brake system needs brake fluid to convert the force to stop your vehicle. Just like your other vehicle fluids, the brake fluid can be contaminated and ineffective over time. Hence, old brake fluid can alter brake performance. The solution to this problem is to get your brakes regularly serviced and get a brake fluid flush if necessary.

Air Trapped in Brake Lines

Air in the brake lines is typically one of the most popular reasons for spongy brakes. The air causes an uneven distribution of hydraulic pressure, resulting in a soft feeling brake pedal.

Worn Cylinder

A master cylinder disperses the hydraulic air pressure in your brakes. However, with use, the cylinder seals can leak or break. When you experience such issues, please contact a trusted mechanic ASAP.


Brake Service in Boulder, CO

Functioning brake pedals are essential to your safety and others. Therefore, if you encounter a mushy brake pedal, please attend to the problem. We invite you to bring your car to Haglin Automotive today for all your brake-related needs.

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