What Can Cause Brake Pad Wear On One Side and Not The Other?

Brake pads are essential for the operation of your vehicle. One set of brake pads can wear out faster than the other, which can be inconvenient. Brake pads can be pricey, and many people only replace worn-down ones, but it is better to replace them all. Uneven wear on brake pads can be caused by various factors, which we will discuss in this blog. You can help to prevent uneven brake pad wear and extend the life of your new pads by understanding the causes. Here are some of them.

Unaligned Wheels

Misalignment can occur when the wheels aren't balanced properly. When braking, this causes one wheel to pull to the side, which results in uneven wear. The solution is a wheel alignment service and a fresh set of brake pads.

Corroded Slide Pins

The part that guides the calipers to the rotors is called a slide pin. Pins must be lubricated so they can move back and forth smoothly and precisely. A corroded guiding mechanism can lead to uneven pressure and wear on the brake pads.

Dirty Caliper Pistons

Excessive oil and debris can accumulate all over your vehicle. The last place you want that to happen is your vehicle's caliper pistons. If anything builds up there, it can cause components to stick to each other and therefore be unusable. An unresponsive brake pedal or brakes that don't disengage may occur if something is stuck together. Noticing anything similar should not go unnoticed because it can be dangerous. Be sure to get it checked by a technician as soon as possible.

Warped Rotors

Rotors and brake pads make contact every time you press on the brakes. Even the slightest bend can cause uneven wear. If this is the problem that the mechanics have found, you should also change the warped rotor that is causing the problem.

Brake Pad Service in Boulder, CO

If you aren't sure about the reason behind your vehicle's uneven brake pad wear, we'll be happy to help! Visit Haglin Automotive today.

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