Haglin Automotive's Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Whether it's your first or tenth winter with your trusty vehicle, it's important to get your vehicle the preparation it needs to keep it running throughout the winter. As the temperatures drop in Boulder, CO, it will also bring an abundance of challenges to the drivers in town. To ensure everyone has a safe commute, here are some maintenance items that Boulder's residents should take care of before winter sets in:

Test the Battery 

Batteries grow very weak in extreme temperatures, so they won't be able to hold a proper charge. Before it gets too cold, drivers should get their battery tested if they need to replace it.

Check Defroster and Climate Control

Having a working heater is essential to make a winter car ride comfortable. Also, you will need a working defroster to defog your windshield. 

Check Lights

When winter comes, most vehicle owners immediately think of checking to see if their heater works. However, they often forget about daylight savings and need to test their car lights. If your car lights look foggy or yellow, you may need to give them a good clean.

Winterize Tires

Lastly, it's important to ensure that your tires have enough tread to drive in winter conditions. Additionally, you must regularly monitor tire pressure, as a drop of 10 degrees can cause tires to lose an entire pound of pressure per square inch (psi). 


Winter maintenance can make all the difference in your everyday commute this winter. At Haglin Automotive, our team has been known to help our customers with everything from general maintenance to major repairs. If your vehicle is due for an auto service soon, please bring it to our auto repair shop in Boulder, CO!

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