Monthly Archives: November 2018

Tips for Safe Winter Driving

Driving in the rain, snow, and icy conditions can be dangerous at times. In order to keep safe on the road, it is necessary to slightly adjust our driving habits for this time of year. During rain or snow, our vehicles are more vulnerable and less easy to control in certain situations. The following tips will come in handy when it comes to safe driving during the winter months.    Drive slower     Driving in the rain or snow is simply just more dangerous than dry conditions. Slightly lower your driving speed will allow you to have plenty of time to brake and prevent your tires from losing traction with the road. It will also allow you to have more time and control to avoid a potentially dangerous situation if one may occur.    Accelerate and decelerate slowly   When you speed up or brake on the road, do so slowly and carefully. Accelerating or braking quickly is the number one culprit when it comes to tires l ... read more

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