4 Games to Play on Your Next Family Road Trip

Many families are looking forward to hitting the road this summer for a much-needed vacation. At Haglin Automotive, we believe you shouldn't have to sit through a long and boring car ride doing nothing. It'll especially be a headache if you have kids. Instead, shake things up with you and your family by playing some fun games. Here are some entertaining and kid-friendly games that you can play on the road this summer:

The Classic License Plate Game

This game requires paper maps and pens. The game's objective is to spot as many license plates from as many different states as possible. Whoever spots the first out-of-state plate gets to check it off their map. Additionally, this game can be very educational for kids to learn about the geography of the various states on the map.


I Spy

One of the kids can be nominated to be "it," and he/she chooses something in the car to focus on. The other passengers will take turns guessing clues until somebody correctly guesses the object that was chosen. 


20 Questions

Similar to I Spy, there is also a mystery object, chosen by one individual, for people to guess. As the name states, there are only 20 questions that can be asked by the people in the car. If no one gets the object by the end of the 20 questions, then the person who chose the mystery thing wins.

Color Game

Have each person take turns calling out specific colors. The other kids in the car can look for vehicles or road signs which feature that color. This game can be modified to take up as much time as necessary to preoccupy your children. 


These are just a few of the many games you can play on the road. If you are planning a vacation soon, be sure to bring your vehicle to Haglin Automotive in Boulder, CO, for a pre-trip inspection.

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