Transmission Repair and Service

Haglin Automotive has been providing complete transmission repair and service to Boulder, CO since 1981. Our ASE Certified technicians are highly trained to specialize in automatic and manual transmission service, clutches, four-wheel drive and front-wheel drive transmission service for any make and model of domestic or import vehicles.

Transmission Repair

Leave the dirty work to us! From manual to automatic transmissions, our knowledgeable auto experts will diagnose the situation and suggest the best method for repair. Since it is our goal to provide the best service at an affordable price, we can work with you to find cost-effective repair alternatives that will have you back on the road without burning your budget.

Transmission Services

Our competitively priced transmission services include:

  • Complete transmission fluid exchange / flush with a BG product cleaner (recommended every 36,000 miles)
  • Maintenance / Repair – Drop transmission pan & change out the filter
  • Transmission Electronic Diagnostics
  • Replacement of valve body and/or transmission solenoids
  • Transmission Repair & Replacement
  • Transmission Rebuild (2 year Warranty or 24K miles)
  • Re-manufactured Transmissions (3 year Warranty or 100K miles)
  • Used Transmissions – Depending on the mileage and the usage of the car (90 day warranty)

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Jasper Engines and Transmissions

JASPER ENGINES AND TRANSMISSIONS has been the industry leader since 1942. With their extensive research, they have insight to correct problems in original manufacture design, improving their products performance, reliability and durability. We proudly recommend JASPER Engines & Transmissions remanufactured components and have worked dilligently to earn our Preferred Installer rating through top performances and awards in service and sales. Why do we choose JASPER?

  1. PROVEN, Live run, computer assisted testing of popular complete engines assure trouble free performance and peace of mind for our automotive customers who depend on us.
  2. QUALITY, Remanufacturing fuel components in a climate controlled environment and computer assisted calibration assures precise fuel delivery and efficiency.
  3. TESTED, Live run dynamometer testing of every running complete diesel allows engines to be tested under varying loads to simulate in-the-vehicle operation. Live run dynamometer testing of every automatic transmission, including Allison, assure trouble free performance and reliable day to day operation.
  4. WARRANTY, JASPER Engines and Transmissions has a 3 YEAR | 100,000 MILE PARTS & LABOR NATIONWIDE WARRANTY (IT’S TRANSFERABLE) – parts and labor – for most consumer and commercial applications up to, and including 1 ton chassis.

Haglin is a Preferred JASPER Installer. JASPER Preferred Installers attend JASPER Technical Training classes, have toured our facility to see our remanufacturing process, and are large volume installers of our products. A JASPER Preferred Installer utilizes the broad range of informational tools JASPER has available to help you make an informed decision about replacing the engine, transmission, differential.

Why Choose Jasper?

You know that sickening feeling of indecision when your car or truck exhibits engine or transmission trouble and your first decision needs to be finding the best automotive repair company in your area that can provide an accurate and detailed analysis of what is wrong with your vehicle and what options are best suited for your needs to get you back on the road safely.

What is the best choice – new car, a newer used car, a junkyard engine or transmission? There is a reliable and much less costly option. A JASPER Remanufactured Engine, Transmission, or Differential Exchange Product is your best solution! A question we get a lot is what’s the difference between remanufactured engines (or transmissions) and rebuilt or used engines (or transmissions). Many people confuse rebuilt products with remanufactured (reman) products, and some may even assume that a used product will be a viable replacement alternative to their failed engine, transmission, differential or other component.

Jasper or Buy New?

Used Engines, Transmissions, and Differentials

Used components are pulled directly from a vehicle – typically a junkyard vehicle – and generally not even so much as surface cleaned. There are no provisions for disassembly, internal cleaning or inspection with a used component. Used or junkyard components may have high mileage and a poor maintenance history – a failure waiting to happen. Many used or junkyard components come from a vehicle that was involved in an accident and may have unseen damage such as being immersed in water.

Jasper Facts and Information

JASPER Engines & Transmissions was founded in 1942 and today is the nation’s largest mass remanufacturer of a diverse line of drivetrain components. Annual production includes 65,000 gas engines; 75,000 transmissions; 6,500 diesel engines; 5,000 differentials and rear axle assemblies; and 1,200 stern drives. The product mix also includes performance engines and transmissions, marine engines, stern drives, outboard lower units and outboard powerheads, alternate fuel engines and electric motors.

JASPER is the only remanufacturer to have 3 individuals named Remanufacturer of the Year by PERA, The Production Engine Remanufacturer’s Association.

Corporate and remanufacturing operations are housed in a 367,000 sq. ft. facility located in JASPER, Indiana with all remanufacturing performed in three facilities. Inventory is housed in two distribution centers – one in Indiana and the second in Kingman, AZ.

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