Air Conditioning Repair

When the summer days arrive, and temperatures heat up, you’re going to want to make sure your vehicle’s air conditioning unit is in excellent working order. There’s nothing worse than breaking out into a thick sweat and sticking to the seat because hot air is blowing out of your vents and actually making your car hotter. Conversely, in the winter time, you rely on your climate control to keep the vehicle warm and defrost your windshield. In Boulder, you don’t want to be without a properly working heater in the winter.

Heating and Air Conditioning System | Haglin Automotive

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There are many factors that could cause your vehicle’s climate control system to break down or not work quite right. It may be as simple as adding refrigerant to the system. Or, perhaps the heater/cooler is not functioning properly, or the fan may not be working. The expert service technicians at Haglin Automotive can diagnose the problem, and get it back in working order quickly so you are driving in comfort and safety. Before the extreme temperatures arrive, stop in for an inspection so we can ensure your A/C system is humming. Or, if a problem is already occurring, we’ll get you right in and take care of it for you. Call us today!