Safety for Teenage Drivers

Teenagers seem to think they know everything, but they could use some guidance when it comes to winter driving.

img-6493When it does finally snow, take your teen driver out on the road – on a quiet street or in a parking lot away from other traffic – to practice driving safely in winter road conditions. Show them what it is like when the vehicle slides on an icy road and how to re-gain control if your vehicle fish tails. Practicing what to do if something goes wrong, before your child encounters these conditions, will help them be prepared if and when they are faced with icy roads or blizzard-like conditions.

It’s always a good idea to store in your vehicle the following items in case you find yourself stranded on the side of the road in the snow or if you happen to run out of gas:

  • Blanket
  • Hat and Gloves
  • Hand or Feet Warmers
  • Water
  • Spare Jacket
  • Socks and an extra pair of boots or good walking shoes