Why Is My Car Battery Dying So Fast?

Why is my car battery draining so fast? Your modern car’s battery is responsible for powering far more than ever before. 

Many cars run self check and diagnostic routines while parked. Proximity sensors may stay active. Alarms are active on virtually every newer car or truck. None of these systems require a lot of power, but if the vehicle isn’t driven regularly, the battery will run down. 

Batteries that drain fast may be suffering from an alternator that is not charging properly, or the battery itself may be weak. Another option is an open circuit that continues to draw power after the vehicle is turned off. 

Modern vehicles have sophisticated controls and sensors that require a steady source of power to work properly. A weak or damaged battery cannot provide the consistent power needed for all the vehicle systems. 

Not long ago a battery replacement was as easy as taking the old one out and installing a new one.

A diagnostic check of the charging system and addressing any unusual issues before replacing the battery is advised to avoid recurring trouble because it turns out the battery wasn’t the problem. 

Many battery replacements now require a system test or reset for the battery monitoring system. Failure to do this may lead to battery failure due to under or over charging. Other vehicles require an even more involved process and a specific type of battery. Installing the wrong battery type or failing to complete the process can lead to a host of serious problems. 

What used to be a fairly easy do it yourself project frequently requires special tools and diagnostic equipment capable of communicating with the vehicle’s control modules. 

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