What are the Signs of Worn Shocks and Struts?

When thinking about how your vehicle works, you may wonder about the engine and just how cool it is that is works the way it does. Our vehicles actually have over 30,000 working parts in them, and some of the systems are extremely intricate. Even the suspension system in your vehicle is complex, and it's amazing just how some of its parts work. 

When you drive your vehicle over rough terrain or a bumpy road, you may feel a tiny movement in your vehicle, but not much. This is so to the suspension system, which helps to control the effect that you feel when driving. The shocks and struts are the shock absorbers of the system, and their job is to make your ride as smooth as possible. 

The shocks are the component that mainly dampens the shock when driving so that your vehicle doesn't bounce excessively or move a lot when driving over rough roads or speed bumps. They are actually a hydraulic component, meaning they convert the kinetic energy from the road into the fluid inside of them, which helps to lessen the shock you feel! The struts are more integrated into the actual suspension system. They do also absorb shock, but additionally, they help to support the weight of your car. 

These two components are critical in your vehicle, and since they do undergo a lot of pressure and usage over the years, they need to be replaced periodically. Here are some of the signs that can indicate you have worn shocks or struts: 

  • Your car bounces excessively after driving over a speed bump
  • Rough or bumpy ride
  • Uneven or excessive tire wear
  • Vibrating at higher speeds
  • Your vehicle nose dives when braking
  • The back of your vehicle "squats" when accelerating
  • The shocks are leaking fluid

These are the warning signs that it's time for you to get new shocks or struts. Driving with bad shocks is not just uncomfortable, but it can do damage to your suspension system and ruin your tires. You definitely don't want to cost yourself more money on repairs, so as soon as you suspect that you need new shocks or struts, we invite you to Haglin Automotive. Give us a call or stop by our shop today! 

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