What Are the Signs of a Faulty Mass Air Flow Sensor?

The mass air flow sensor (MAF) is an integral part of the fuel injection system. This decides how much air goes into the engine to ensure a balanced fuel-to-air ratio for combustion. When this sensor goes out, it is most likely going to influence your check engine light to illuminate. Moreover, a worn or failing MAF will disrupt the air-to-fuel ratio as it will provide wrong estimations for the amount of fuel and air. 

Key Signs That Indicate a Bad Mass Air Flow Sensor

… When there is too much fuel and not enough air

  • Lower MPG
  • Black exhaust smoke
  • Rough idling

Another way to say that there is too much fuel being burned is your engine running too rich. This occurs when the MAF is worn or contaminated, causing an overestimation in the airflow. Cleaning the MAF can remedy the issue.  
… When there is too much air and not enough fuel 

  • Engine hesitation
  • Problems starting engine
  • Engine seizes

When there is an excess amount of air in the combustion chambers, your engine runs lean. Running your motor like this may cause extensive engine damage in the long run. 

Mass air flow sensor issues can sometimes be fixed by cleaning the component.However, the sensor will need to be replaced after some time. If you need a professional mechanic to check your MAF sensor or replace it, please call or visit Haglin Automotive. Our experienced technicians can even diagnose your check engine light to determine whether the problem is the MAF or something else.

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