Starting Problems? Is it the Battery or the Alternator?

It could be frustrating if you get into your car to attend to an emergency and find out it won't start. Some questions that could cross your mind would be if the battery or alternator is the cause of the ignition problem.

What's the work of a Battery and Alternator?

The battery is responsible for supplying power to your car's starter and whole electrical system. Although a battery can last for about four years, it won't hold its charge for that long. And that's where an alternator comes in. It recharges the battery while you're driving your car.

The two main causes of starting problems are a faulty car battery or alternator. This article will help you gain skills in knowing what exactly the problem is.

Indicators It's a Battery Issue

Over time, the metal parts in your battery can wear and tear, reducing its ability to hold a charge for long. Some signs your battery is the source of starting problems include

  • Dim dashboard lights and headlights
  • Delayed response when cranking the car engine
  • Physical signs of corrosion on battery terminals
  • The vehicle struggles to start on cold mornings

If your battery is still new and you face ignition issues, then a probable cause could be an addition of power-consuming auxiliary lights, fuses, sound systems, and alarms.

If you're certain your car's battery is in perfect working condition, the problem could be the alternator.

Indicators It's an Alternator Issue

Usually, alternators last between eight and 12 years. Failed alternators can cause the battery to be dysfunctional. Here're signs of a defective alternator.

  • Your car starts but stalls later while you're driving
  • A squealing sound comes from the engine and gets louder when you turn on the heater or sound systems
  • The vehicle won't crank, but the headlights are working
  • Dim headlights and dashboard lights
  • A burning spell arising from an overheated alternator
  • A dead car battery

You should check your car's alternator and battery condition if it fails to start. Act promptly to get the issue fixed before it turns into an accident. If you need a battery or alternator repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle into Haglin Automotive today!

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