Snow is here – save your wiper blades!

Snow is here

Snow is great for hitting the slopes, but it’s not always fun to clear the white stuff off your car before you head off to work. With snowy conditions, ice can accumulate on your windshield. And if you are in a hurry you may decide to use your windshield wipers instead of your ice scraper. Although it is much more appealing to sit inside your vehicle as it warms up instead of standing outside chipping away at your frozen windshield, do not use your wiper blades to scrape off the window! Doing so can damage the motor, bend the arms or even rip off the blades altogether. Remember, they are called windshield “wiper” blades not “scraper” blades.

If snow and ice are in the forecast, extend your wiper blades up off of the windshield, sitting straight up in the air. When you start your car, allow the windshield to defrost before using your wipers, or get a good ice scraper and scrape away so the blades can work smoothly over the windshield.


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