Shocks and Struts and Springs - What About My Suspension?

What about the parts of your car you never see?  The smallest ding or scratch will catch your attention, but a bent steering control arm?  If you’re like most people, you’d never see it. 

You wouldn’t see it without a comprehensive Vehicle Health Assessment like Haglin Automotive’s customers get.  Our ASE Certified Technicians apply their knowledge and troubleshooting skills to carefully inspecting the major components and systems. 

The suspension is responsible for passenger comfort and vehicle integrity, true, but one of the most important reasons for the suspension system is to keep the vehicle in contact with the road.

Imagine hitting a bump and bouncing down the road until the energy is dissipated. The tires must stay on the road for the car to effectively speed up, slow down or turn. 

Many people are shocked (pardon the pun) when they replace their shock absorbers or struts and find their vehicle rides so much better! One reason for that is simply that the ride quality deteriorates slowly enough that it always seems normal, the same.

Shocks and struts wear over time and should be replaced by mileage. One rule of thumb is to replace them at 65,000 to 75,000 miles, certainly when ride quality is compromised.

Suspension components are subject to every imperfection in the road. A big pothole can cause significant damage. Frequent driving on dirt roads also adds extra stress on the suspension systems.

Regular vehicle inspections, at least twice a year when you are getting the oil changed, are the best way to spot damage that can lead to unpredictable driving dynamics including poor steering control and uncomfortable ride quality. 

The suspension system isn’t glamorous, but keeping it in good working condition is one secret to having a reliable, comfortable, and safe vehicle. 

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