Road Trip Leg 11: Central City/Blackhawk

For this leg, you’ll exit off i70 toward Central City sitting at 8,510 feet. Mine tours, whitewater rafting and the thing Central City is known for, Casino gambling are all amenities while you’re here. Don’t stop here, continue your journey on to Back Hawk, 8,537 feet elevation. 

Black Hawk then and now: 

Central City is home to 6 casinos, whereas Blackhawk is home to more than 18. Some are homey, some are fancy, but you’re sure to find the gambling gig that’s best for you (and hopefully your wallet!) 

Not into gambling? 

Mine Tours - Hidee Mine. This is known as “the richest half mile in earth” you can mine the vein or tour the caves. Be sure to schedule through the mine for this adventure. 

Whitewater Rafting - This will take you back by Idaho springs, but only 23 miles for this wild ride is well worth the backtrack. Whitewater rafting crystal creek is something you’ve seen and always wanted to try. The cool splash, and teamwork with mother nature is sure to make a splash on this part of the adventure. Multiple rafting companies exist here: Clear Creek Rafting, Idaho Springs Rafting, Liquid Descent, Raft Masters to name a few. 


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