Road Trip Leg 10: Idaho Springs

On this leg of the #roadtripacrossamerica you have some options on how you get from Steamboat Springs to Idaho Springs. There’s the way that “google maps” would take you down highway 40 back to Silverthorn and down i70...or there’s the more scenic, more adventurous way through Kremling and the Hot Sulphur Springs then through Winter Park and down to Idaho Springs at 7,526 feet elevation. This is a road trip, right, this is the way you’re going to see all the views. But really, you do you!

If you go the suggested route, break up your drive with a dip in the Hot Sulphur Springs, 7680 feet. This little town is a secret spot that will remind you what old Colorado was like. Then take yourself down to Idaho Springs. 

In Idaho Springs, if you’re checking off the 14er, you’ll want to do Mount Evans sitting at 14,265 feet. This is a breathtaking 14er (that you can totally drive to the top of if that’s your style). This is also an accessible 14er hike for many, and something to check off the bucket list as a #coloradoan. Grays and Torreys Peaks are also close, and this is a more challenging two-peak-one-day option if you’re looking for a challenge. The views won’t disappoint, and the vastness of these peaks will capture your heart. 

In Idaho Springs you’ll want to eat at Beau Jo’s. On your way up to the bathroom, take your time to enjoy the old-timey pictures of what this mining town was all about. Speaking of mining, you might want to tour the mine. Home of the gold rush, this is the foundation of Colorado History that you can’t miss. 

Another attraction not too far away is St. Mary’s Glacier, this is a literally cool spot to check out while in town. 

For beers and brews you can’t go wrong with Tommy Knockers, or a newer addition to town Westbound and Down has some secret stashes you won't want to miss. 

Home of another hot springs, you can soak and chill in the Indian Hot Springs before we ramp up to gamble on the next leg of our #roadtripacrossamerica #coloradostyle. 


From Hot Springs to the literal cool of a glacier, this summer is hot and rapidly getting hotter.Mountain driving will test your vehicle's air conditioning system, so if you have any concerns about it working well enough to keep the family comfortable along the way, we can test it and if necessary recharge the system. As with so many car related challenges, most are far easier to accomplish before serious issues present themselves.



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