How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Winter

Our cars help us with many things, thanks to them, we can get to work, go shopping at the supermarket or even go to the hospital in an emergency. Therefore, before going out to drive, we must verify that they are in good condition.

Before the winter season arrives, we can take measures to prevent our vehicles creating problems for us:

• Having a strong battery: Over time, car batteries can get dirty and corrode. And starting the car gets more difficult in cold weather.

• Changing the oil in your car: Replacing the oil on a regular schedule is necessary to keep the car in good condition.

• Having to rotate the tires: Rotating the tires in place helps them last longer.

• Replacing the cabin air filter: This will be beneficial for the air conditioning system and for the car's heating.

• Changing the air filter of your car: It will help you to breathe better and will remove particles that are harmful to your health.

• Changing the windshield wipers: Without a doubt, this is very important. If you see that they are very worn, it is best to change them. That will help you not have visibility problems during inclement weather.

• Checking the pressure of your tires: Apparently, they may seem to be fine, but if they get low, they will wear out faster and can make the car hard to control.

• Checking the washer fluid: Keep the washer fluid filled up because it may be needed during bad weather and even on sunny days if there is water or mud on the roads.

If you have doubts about the steps to ensure that your car is ready to be used in winter, or need a winter vehicle inspection, we invite you to bring your car to Haglin Automotive for professional service!

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