How to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Gas prices have hit record highs, and it doesn’t seem to stop. Now is the time to learn of ways to stretch your gas tank a little further and reduce the number of trips to the gas station. Here are some great tips to boost your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

  • Use Cruise Control - Constant changes to your speed can burn up more gas than you think. When you have the opportunity to, like on an open highway, use the cruise control to save you money. It will also lower your chances of speeding.
  • Don’t Idle - Idling can waste a significant amount of gasoline over time. In fact, you could lose up to half of a gallon while idling. Instead, we recommend shutting off your engine and restarting when you need to.
  • Avoid Rapid Acceleration - There’s no need for you to put all your force onto the gas pedal. If you drive smoothly and come to gradual stops, you can notice up to a 30% change in your vehicle’s MPG.
  • Plan Your Trips Accordingly - We recommend lumping all your errands altogether so that you don’t have to make multiple runs throughout the week. It’ll save you time and gas too.
  • Avoid Rush Hour Traffic - If your schedule is flexible, avoid being on the road at peak times. When there’s heavy traffic, it forces you to idle and partake in stop-and-go movement. 
  • Maintenance is KEY - We’ve said it before, but regular tune-ups and inspections are necessary in keeping your car in good shape. They ensure your car is healthy enough to run efficiently. Proper inflated tires, working spark plugs, and clean fuel injectors all play a factor in your gas mileage. 

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