How Often Should Your Vehicle Be Inspected?

When you look up proper preventative maintenance practices for your vehicle, you may find that an important part is having your vehicle regularly inspected. Regular inspections are the best way to catch any issues early on before they turn into major problems. This not only helps keep you safe on the road, but also helps you save lots of money over time! 
So the top question about inspections is - how often do I need them? The answer depends on a couple of different factors. First, how often you get an inspection will depend on the age of your vehicle. An older vehicle should get an inspection more often than brand new vehicles. It will also depend on your driving habits, and how often or far you drive your vehicle. If you drive your vehicle quite a lot and are often driving far distances, an inspection more often would be ideal. 
If you have a more recent vehicle and drive your car normally, we recommend having your vehicle inspected at least twice a year as preventative maintenance, and then whenever needed if you notice a strange symptom while driving.
Even if you aren’t due for a vehicle inspection, if you notice something off with your vehicle, it’s always better to get to your local auto repair shop as soon as possible to figure out if there is a problem. 
A regular, routine vehicle inspection will usually be bumper to bumper and be a brief overview of each system to make sure all running parts look good and all fluids are topped off and clean. Occasionally, if an issue is detected, further diagnostics may be required. You can also always refer to your vehicle's owner's manual for more information on when your vehicle should receive inspections. 
If your vehicle needs an inspection or a service in the Boulder, CO area, don’t hesitate to stop by Haglin Automotive today or feel free to give us a call! 
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