How Bad Driving Habits Can Hurt Your Vehicle

Driving schools might not teach you everything you need to know about cars, and while driving can be an exhilarating and liberating feeling, there a few things you might be doing unconsciously that end up damaging your car.

Holding the clutch in place

While using the clutch to accelerate through traffic is faster, doing so can harm your car. The friction material on clutch plates constantly rubbing against one another due to a continuously depressed clutch creates excessive wear and could harm the clutch plates.

Dashboard lights are ignored

If you ignore dashboard signals, you can end up stranded or forced to make expensive repairs later on. Pay close attention to the check engine, battery, brake, airbag, coolant, and oil lights. When one of these lights turns on, it means that, in order to ensure your safety and the safety of your passengers, something needs to be looked into.

Running on fumes

First off, the gasoline pump for many modern cars is located within the fuel tank. They are therefore built so that the gasoline will cool and lubricate them. When your gasoline gets low, the gas pump isn't being properly cooled or oiled, which raises the possibility that it will eventually sustain damage.

Speeding on Speed Bumps

Speed bumps, like potholes, can harm your car's balance, stability, and alignment if you drive over them quickly. The safety of pedestrians and drivers is the main goal of speed bumps.

Unexpected Braking and Acceleration

Avoid flooring the accelerator to save petrol or put stress on your car. Sudden stops also hasten brake rotor wear. One method to increase your gas mileage is to let your automobile coast to a stop.

Your hand is on the gear stick.

The selection fork, is intended to briefly establish contact with a spinning collar. You run the danger of putting strain on the selector fork and hastening wear if you rest your hand on the gear lever.


Learning the best ways to handle your car will keep you on the road for monger and reduce your visits to repair shops. Just like your body, your car needs extra caution to avoid burnout. Please call or visit Haglin Automotive for all your automotive needs!

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