5 Top Reasons to Buy a Ford Transit For Your Small Business

1. Your drivers will figure out the ​Sync3 Infotainment System easily and stay safe on the road.

As small business owners we all want our employees to be safe and not distracted while driving.  The Infotainment System is easy to teach and allows your drivers to get their tunes or find out where they are going safely.  Quick and easy to learn.

2. Excellent handling and responsive steering 

When you are turning in those narrow areas and tight circles, the Transit handles with great response and ease.  The newer Ford Transits handle less like a truck and have a smoother ride.  Throw in a 5 Star Safety Rating and you've got the whole package.

3. Your employees will appreciate the comfy seats and quiet, smooth ride

This work van offers a comfortable ride for your people when they are driving for work all day long.  The van is insulated and the road and wind noise is minimal.  On our Colorado roads this van easily handles bumps and dips and keeps your passengers safe, secure and comfy.

The Ford Transit provides occupants with a stunningly quiet and smooth ride. The van handles bumps and dips in the road without a problem. The cabin seems to be well-insulated, as not much road or wind noise gets in. Also, there is not much noise from any of the three engine options to speak of.

4. Getting in and out for deliveries or picking up passengers is easy

The Transit was designed with a lower step-in height which makes it easier for your drivers to get in and out many times a day.  Your passengers will find the door easy to operate and getting in and out is safer.  In addition the taller roof means no one has to strain or hunch over when loading or unloading.

Unlike what you get with GM vans, you can walk with a straight spine in the cargo area. The tall roof means that you don't have to strain your back by hunching over.

8. Service in Boulder Colorado is convenient and affordable

Haglin Automotive has been servicing Ford Transits in the area since they have been on the road.  This offers a Ford Dealer Alternative to everyone in the Boulder County area. These vans are easy to Service and the required Maintenance Schedules are easy, cost effective, and convenient to do which will keep your Ford Transit on the road for well over 200,000 miles. If you purchase a Ford Transit for your business and need an Auto Repair Shop Near Me, give us a call at 303-442-8547 for your Free Vehicle Inspection before your purchase your new Ford Transit Van.


The Ford Transit is an economical and comfy van for your employees to spend the day in.  It is packed with the comforts of home and makes your drivers and passengers enjoy the ride all day long.

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