Expert Fleet Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

The versatile and robust Transit Van has found its way into the hearts of drivers and fleet managers in a wide array of transportation services.

From the nimble little Transit Connect all the way to the F-350 Cargo Transit, this modern panel-van-style creation is responsible for delivering everything from flowers to construction supplies to passengers virtually anywhere.  They are also being outfitted as conversion vans, police vehicles, and ambulances. 

Of course we’re talking about the Ford Transit line, which evolved from and replaced the Econoline Vans produced for decades, but other manufacturers have similar vehicles - the Ram ProMaster (pictured below) and Mercedes Sprinter vans among them.  

Haglin Automotive Fleet Services

For fleet operators, downtime can mean lost revenue, so the choice of a repair facility is especially important.  Who can do the preventive maintenance and any needed repairs in a timely manner?  

Haglin Automotive, a full-service, independent automotive service and repair facility with a long history of exceptional service in the greater Boulder, Colorado area, is ready to serve your Transit Vehicle fleet.    

Consider the advantages of having one shop take care of all your maintenance and repair needs.  We track your preventive services to ensure your vehicles are properly maintained to ensure long life and minimize breakdowns.  When there is a repair needed, our ASE Certified Technicians are experts at diagnosis and repair.  

You’ll find our digital Vehicle Health Assessment invaluable for its comprehensive look at the condition of each vehicle in your fleet, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions regarding vehicle care.  

If safety, longevity. and cost savings are among your chief concerns, Haglin Automotive is ready to partner with you to achieve those goals.  We regularly have fleet partner vehicles at or beyond 300,000 miles, still running well, many without any major repairs.  

Transit Vehicles are a hard working, durable choice for many businesses, but like any vehicle the quality of the maintenance program will directly influence the lifespan and operational costs.  

If you would like a fleet account consultation, please call 303.442.8547 and we can arrange a time to discuss our services and how we can best serve your needs.  Haglin Automotive, 5747 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, Colorado 80303. Haglin Automotive, family owned and operated since 1981!

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