Different Dashboard Warning Lights and What They Mean

Your vehicle is equipped with a complex computer system that will alert you if it detects something wrong with your vehicle. When you do see a warning light turn on, its important to bring your vehicle into Haglin Automotive as soon as possible for an inspection. Depending on the warning light, a major issue can progress quickly and lead to unexpected vehicle breakdowns. Here are some of the most important dashboard warning lights and what they can indicate: 


1. CHECK ENGINE LIGHT - this light will illuminate if your vehicle detects that their is a problem with the engine. This needs to be inspected as soon as possible. 


2. BATTERY WARNING LIGHT - this light will turn on when there is an issue with your vehicle's battery. In order to prevent getting stuck with a vehicle that won't start, it is important to have this looked at right away. 


3. ENGINE TEMPERATURE WARNING LIGHT - this light indicates that your engine is running too hotly. This should be inspect as soon as possible to avoid engine overheating and engine damage.


4. TIRE PRESSURE WARNING LIGHT - One or more of your tires has low pressure if you see this warning light turn on. 


5. OIL PRESSURE WARNING LIGHT - Either your engine is running low on oil, or the oil pressure is low. This can be due to leak or other issue and is important to have checked out as soon as possible. 


The warning lights listed above are just some of the most common that you may see over the years. If you do notice any of these warning lights illuminate or you suspect a problem with your car, don't hesitate to stop by the experts here at Haglin Automotive or give us a call today for assistance.  

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