Brake Service?

We recently had a new customer arrive in a vehicle that was in need of brakes.  They were pretty sure the brakes needed to be done because the car was making some scary grinding noises. The truth is they needed brakes long before it made the scary grinding noises.

Those scary grinding noises were the sounds that meant the brake repair ended up costing several hundred dollars more than it normally would have because the pads had been worn completely through, and the resulting metal to metal contact severely damaged the calipers that holds the brake pads, and nearly broke through the rotors.  

Waiting too long to get the brakes replaced on any vehicle runs the serious risk of brake failure, and the slightly less serious, but by no means trivial, additional costs.  

This is another example of the ongoing value offered by establishing a relationship with a good quality repair shop.  Regular visits for preventative maintenance will spot the need for a brake service long before they get to the extreme category.  Brakes wear slowly, so with regular inspections you’ll have the ability to anticipate the need and budget accordingly.

Every time you bring your car or light truck to Haglin Automotive for service, we will conduct a Premium Vehicle Health Assessment complete with digital pictures so you’ll see what our technician sees.  

Our standard brake service includes replacing rotors or drums instead of turning (resurfacing) them because there are significant benefits that more than justify the small additional cost.  New rotors are far less likely to warp, for example. Our experience has shown far better outcomes with new rotors or drums versus resurfaced parts.

Brakes are far too important to leave to chance.  If you are concerned about the condition of your brakes, please do not delay getting them checked.  We will be happy to do a complimentary inspection because your safety and peace of mind is our highest priority.


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